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05 September 2012



I also keep sort of 'travel emergency' kit with me. Band-aids, toothpicks, basic medicine, small flashlight and multitool. As a result, I need big handpacks. But this is fine. Some time ago I heard this excellent advice: always be prepared in case the Doctor comes to pick you up (This makes sense only if you are familiar with Doctor Who series, but you live in England, right). Well, I'm prepared! Just let me grab my purse!

Do you know, witch issue of Evita you'll be in? I'd like to pick that up when it's out.

(And did you hear/notice what happened to my blog along with other blogs in Vuodatus.net? They lost all images from 2009 and forward. Bummer. I don't know if I'll ever continue after that. :(


Yeah, it's a good idea to have such a kit! :) I think it will be Evita issue 10. Also the local Lush Times (should be available in October or November in Finland).

That's awful about Vuodatus.net! Would totally destroy a lot of blogs, especially photo blogs! Yikes. How does something like that even happen?

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