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01 July 2006



Saying hello to a lovely lady.

Take Care


Hi again, Michael :)


funny. i just saw it this past weekend also. and was pretty upset as well.




And, hey, that's a bizarre coincidence! Maybe it's because the DVDs just came out, hmm? ;) I wish I could beat the person who cancelled that show upside the head. Yeah.


=) good to be in touch with you folks again, even if it is through a blog!

Did you wind up liking Kushiel's Dart? Shoot me an email!


Been away, so this comment is a bit late.
I bought the Firefly dvd based solely on the buzz the series created in mags like SFX, as I don't have satellite TV, so hadn't seen it broadcast. Like you, I adored it and can't understand why anyone would cancel it. If there was any justice, it would go on for 9 or 10 seasons.
Oh well.
Serenity was excellent too, so maybe Joss will get the chance to tell more of the story in the future. There is also a Serenity graphic novel (written by Joss), if you're interested, telling a bit more of the story, post-Firefly, pre-Serenity.


Rza, if you come back to read this: drop me a line at nukapai@gmail.com (My old laptop has frazzled a bit along with Outlook... siiiigh). :)

AlisonK: Thank you for that info! I would love to get hold of that!

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