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21 May 2006



LMAO. I had fun watching Eurovision, though I was disapointed that Lithuania didn't score higher.

25 points was pretty respectable for the UK given past years. I stopped been disappointed/sad/angry/frustrated by the UK's poor results years ago (the nil point was the last straw (not exactly what I mean, but can't think of the right words :/) Now I just enjoy the song (well some and laugh at the rest) and enjoy terry wogans commentry.

Eurovision is certainly not what it used to be, but no point letting that ruin a perfectly good night ;)

Btw have you though of having a eurovision wedding?

J's Girlfriend

Well, congratulations! I watched you (see y'day's entry on my blog). And you had by far the best entry. I read somewhere that they've been playing together for over 10 years, so well done them!


i feel so uncool. i don't even know what eurovision is exactly. (although, it sounds like something i could get into.)


Lithuania definitely deserved to do better, that was such a great parody of the whole competition complete with the Harry Hill lookalike and his crazy dance.

Lordi were my pre final favourites so I'm glad they won, as for the UK entry, I thought 25 points was generous!


Wasn't the UK entry humiliating? Oh Lordi.


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