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27 May 2006



i guess i haven't ever thought in these terms before. my beef is so heavily directed towards pharmaceutical(?) manufacturers (i believe they are much more prone to pushing what alleviates symptoms, but not what cures ailments because it makes sense for them monetarily) that i can't get past that part of it all to even start questioning alternatives. of course, by and large, homeopathic on a medical front here in america has not been embraced... i mean, you can barely get insurance to help pay for legitimate, time proven treatments, much less homeopathic. (at least, that's my experience.)


I have to admit to feeling slightly fatalistic about any form of medical treatment that has the element of money/business/payment changing hands in it - business is business and it sometimes doesn't sit right with altruistic purposes. However, I do not believe that the cynicism should necessarily be directed towards doctors, nurses and other health professionals - but in some cases, you are quite right to be cynical about drugs manufacturers.


I just wanted to thank you for the comment you left on the Blair bitches blog about reviewing, it's nice to know there are people who are still on panet earth when it comes to this stuff. "E'hugs from me :) She seems like an angry person just looking for someone to take it out on and today it was me...oh well.

Anyway, not to ramble on your blog about that stuff, I just wanted to give thanks.

Now, if I hadn't had too many beers I'd blather on about the topic of homeopathy as I did grow up in a community that practiced it heavily and if my father hadn't intervened with modern medicine when I was a baby I would have died. I should hate the practice but I don't and often look towards it for certain things but it hasn't done me any good, yet I still find myself with faith in it. There are too many doctors that are all too eger to put someone on meds and call it a day, this bugs me. As well as Insurance needing to start paying for massages, I carry my stress in my neck and am in pain daily yet they will not cover what fixes it, they'd rather cover what blankets the issue (i.e.pills).
Ok the beer is talking...I'm shuttting up now :) hope you have a good weekend


And yet when my kittens were on their deathbeds.. in fact the vet was telling me there was no hope (distemper) and the cats had given up their will to live... I purchased a homeopathic treatment which was for "wasting away, no will to live, diarrhea, and respiratory congestion" and those kittens, then only weeks old.. are now 2.5 years old. My vet was amazed and now stocks homeopathics on his shelves. The kittens had not been treated due to my not knowing what to give them.. are buried in my yard.

Many of the conventional treatments do not pass double-blind placebos (hello? vaccinations?) and yet we pay for those toxins everyday don't we?


Michelle, I am glad your kittens survived! I love cats dearly myself.

However, I have to say that anecdotal evidence is not the kind of evidence that would prove - particularly scientifically prove - that Homeopathy works.

What happened to you could have been a fortunate coincidence.

My challenge is this: if Homeopathy really does work, then why has it not been scientifically proven to do so yet?

There is a really interesting million dollar challenge on the table in USA - James Randi (who has devoted his life to exposing hoaxes and pseudo-scientific hocus pocus) has openly said on his website and on many other forums (in television documentaries and the like) that if anyone comes forward with real evidence of Homeopathy actually working, he will personally give them a million dollars. Nobody has come forward. That challenge has been active for years.

I know thousands, even millions of people will have excellent anecdotal evidence of Homeopathy's wondrous results. But then, thousands, or even millions of people also believe that the world has other quite magical and mystical things going on, which also amount to hocus-pocus. People always look for patterns, connections - and they love being able to believe in things. Homeopathy offers comfort for many.

What makes me angry is the con aspect of it. If you set out a service to offer comfort and to offer councelling, or hope, then call it that. Don't call it "herbal medicine". Don't spread mis-information. There are enough lies in our world; I really don't like when more of them are perpetuated.


Michelle, up above, doesn't think vaccinations would pass a double blind test? Scary people out there, Pia.

You were right, Pia. I do like this post. My father is a strong believer in homeopathic remedies of the dilution sort you describe here. I don't share that belief! Like you, I admit that lots of plants produce chemicals that help us because they fight invaders that the plants have in common with us. However that doesn't mean that diluting some chemical or mixture of them way down is going to be good for us.


Dear Pia

It is obvious that you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Homeopathy has been proven repeatedly that it does work. Please do more research into the NHS Homeopathic Hospitals in the UK which have a better success rate than conventional hospitals. Also, I suggest your start reading about Quantum Physics and molecular biology. This may shed some light on your biased ideas.

Please try to remember that the pharmaceutical companies run the NHS and government and YOU!!!!!! They can't make any money off of homeopathic remedies which is why they are repeatedly condemning it. Homeopathy is the second most widely used medical system in the world and is continuing to grow due to new research at the molecular level.


A highly educated homeopathic medical student.


Dear highly educated student, please direct me to the evidence that homeopathy works. I would love for it to work! It'd be excellent. I hate going to the GP. I'd much rather use alternatives.

The reason I believe what I wrote about homeopathy to be true, is that there really IS NO EVIDENCE, is there?

Or someone would surely have claimed that cool one million dollars put on the table by James Randi.

When something outrageous is suggested ("hey, there's an invisible pink elephant in the room!") the onus to prove it is on those who make the outrageous claims in the first place.

I don't have to prove anything about homeopathy; I am not the one making the claims.

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