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18 September 2005


Ranting Human

Ever heard of Jethro Tull?


Yes, I know Jethro Tull. Sadly, I'm old enough. ;)

Ranting Human

Heh :D... So would the Ozric Tentacles fit in the same category as Tull? I've just listened to "Feng Shui" from the Jurassic Shift album, and although initially it sounds like some Indian meditation theme, the song goes on to show that it's definitely Prog Rock. I like it. Personally, I don't understand why Deep Purple is classified as Prog Rock...

Eric Steadle

So I just saw Ozric Tentacles in Pittsburgh at the Rex theater (Friday June 16, 2006) on the first stop of their brief summer US tour.

"MIND BLOWING" is the best way I can describe it. I've been a fan for years, and have seen them before, so I knew what I was in for. I can't believe they managed to blow my mind yet again, but they did!

I just can't help but DANCE when Ozrics start playing. That may or may not be a form of synaesthesia, I'm not sure, but my god, the way they make me feel!!!!

If you have the opportunity to see these guys live on their tour, take it. You will not be sorry!

I've provided a better link to a fanpage on Ozric Tentacles (the official page has been down for a few months as of this writing):

Here's a link to MP3 samples of their latest album:

My URL is actually a link to a WRCT DJ named DJ Firefly who plays a lot of Ozric Tentacles (and other cool music) on her show. (Full Disclosure: I'm her biggest fan, because I'm married to her.) Check out their streaming links at the top of the page if you want to listen.

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