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11 September 2005



Excellent post! Bravo and well said! :)


That was beautifully written and very well presented. Nice use of quotes to back up your points.


That was wonderful and well written. I recently left due to criticism of my blog. Which included criticism of my wanting others to read it. I've never read such hateful accusations as were leveled at me. It wounded me to my core. It is the entire reason for my transfer to blogspot. It was quite vicious. Not to mention that the things said were untrue. No matter, they hurt just the same. So... I understand where you're coming from with this. Just understand this. People who write like to be read. Period. And there is nothing wrong with that. That is the truth to which I've finally come.


OUTSTANDING! Most bloggers who blog do it to get somebody to read what they have written. Many us have essays left from our college years that we put hours of research into that were only read by a professor (who assigned it a grade) and maybe a familiy member.
Many of also have opinions that we would like to share as well as read opinions of others. And some, such as I just like to have an ego stroked by knowing someone read our attempts at humor or being an essayist enough to make a commenbt-negative or positive.

Arrogant? yes, I suppose I am on a lot of things. But, it is my blogspace and I can say what I want to say although I never just throw something out to get the negative feedback as some do. But that is their right and I support it. Unlike the Major media-we bloggers do not claim to try to be objective-we just say what we think. If it is wrong then sue me.


I'm already a fan of this blog! Nice expos'e


Just read your bio/profile and I think you may be adopted. Are you my sister? LOL@"I'm a person of contradictions. Ambitious, but prone to procrastination. Blunt, but kind. Bold, but socially phobic."

Sounds like me. (the male version)


Thank you for the comments (and for helping to underline the closing statement so well, hehee!). I'm really chuffed with the multi-author challenge and hope to be able to do this with you again!


That was well-researched and very much well-detailed. It's like reading a junior theisis!

Nice one!


Personally, I blog so that friends and family can see how I am without me having to verbalise it more than once when asked, "How are you?" by more than one person. I just have to write it down once.


P.S. Also, having written it down, I can move on and start to feel better. Rehashing it with everyone who asks slows or stops that process and so I end up feeling bad for longer.


Musta sä a) olet täysin oikeassa b) otat ihan liian vakavasti kaiken, mitä jotkut tollot keksii sanoa.

Kai ne nyt vinkuu kun joka julli saa skrivata mitä tahtoo. Johan niillä on omakin leipä siinä vaarassa.


Sä olet ehdottomasti oikeassa, mutta otat noi tyypit aivan liian vakavasti. Anna niiden olla mieltä, ei sillä väliä ole.


Its taken me ages to get time to read this, but I havent been disapointed. It is funny with journalists, because for the many that are hostile to blogs, there are a growing number that are finding it easier to rip off articles from blogs than write their own articles.

Out of coincidence I was reading my local paper and it front paged with a story about drivers under the age of 21, full with a few stats and 'buzz words'. All were on display written by somebody on my blog, which was also done on the BBC Website by him. I was quite surprised by the simalarity of this news story to what had been written previously by an author from the same City as the newspaper article.

Coincidence? Who knows. But I doubt a journalist who has the qualifacations is likely to admit to ripping off the thoughts of a mere blogger.

Maybe the media are getting nervous as newspaper sales fall and the attention given to blogs grows. After all, when they start making cut backs, the people slagging blogs off are probably going to be the first who are in line to get fired.



Looks good! Very useful, good stuff. Good resources here. Thanks much!




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