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21 October 2008



Hey! I came to read your blog after you commented in my blog. Now I noticed you have a comic in Drunk Duck. Very interesting comic, please keep it going!

Sori, siirryn suomeen kun en osaa muotoilla ajatustani englanniksi, sijamuodot ei taas toimi... eli haluasin laittaa yhden sarjisprojektini johonkin nettiin, ja vuodatus.net ei ole sille paras paikka. Olen jo käynyt katselemassa Juoppoankkaa, mutta olisi kiva kuulla käyttäjäkommenteja. Millaisia kokemuksia sinulla on ollut? Kiitos!


I'm a newbie on the Perfume site, never having crafted a perfume, just loving different fragrances. I get more confused and paralyzed the more I read.

I'm reading the Perfect Scent and Turin's books. I own lots of ingredients from Linda. I just got my somewhat inferior Perfumer's World kit and will start with that.
I LOVE your posts and your company's products. You write beautifully.


Thank you so much Caren! You just made my day :)

And GOOD LUCK with your perfume kit! It's a very exciting time!

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