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12 February 2007



Damn, you see the length of that tail -- that ain't comin anywhere near my mouth. So to speak.

Oh and heya Pia, long time! Good to see ya again and showin you the BotB love.



That is too funny. Isn't it amazing when you see things like that??? This is a very unique blog. Great work!

Natalie Ford

Well, most probably, "our minds have just grown progressively smuttier with each passing decade."

Mr. X

I laughed. But then again my mind is smutty. And, it seems, getting worse.
One of my friends' parents recently asked us if we'd had a 'gay time' and wondered why we cracked up...


Schad: Very nice to be back in the gang again, and hey, thanks for the luuurve (it is always nice to bump into you over there too ;) ).

Tasha: Thank you - and nice to "meet" you!

Natalie: I think you're right...

Mr X: Never MIND the fact that "gay" is now used in a new-new context of "lame". I don't even know what the political correctness brigade thinks of that one.

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