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27 August 2006



i don't know about soy on a universal level, but on a personal level, soy = doom for me. i didn't know it, but people with severe hypothyroid disease should steer clear of the stuff. and i like cows milk, so really there isn't much steering being done on my part anyhow. now i can just JUSTIFY why i don't want soy. and it's all about justification. that's what i'm talking about. :D


Well, I didn't know about the thyroid disease part, so thank you for the extra info. And yes, I DO know about being able to justify things, oh yeah. ;)


These article segments make soy sound like it's chemical make-up is close to Drano. That said, I don't like to drink cow milk anyway and just couldn't get past the grit in the soymilk. So I drink iced tea.

Great blog- it was the name that caught my eye. Now I think I'll put a bid in.

Will be back!



Wow. Soy's good for you. It isn't. It is in some forms, not in others -- or the other way around?

Suddenly McDonald's is looking like a healthy choice!


How about rice milk? We have one here called Rice Dream. If you don't have it I can ship you some... providing I'm not breaking customs rules and such.

I guess again it's everything in moderation.

Why can't we just have our cake and eat it... then when it's gone eat more?



Debbie: Hi! Thanks for the bid; I've had to go with a blog that has been bidding from Day One (I started feeling sorry for the poor bastard), but try again sometime! :)

Shad: McDonalds will NEVER be the healthy option. Brrrrrrrrrrrr.

K: I've tried Rice Dream; it seemed really watery and... well, ugh, I didn't like it too much. Maybe I should try it again... I've also tried oat milk. I won't go for coconut milk because it'd be like drinking liquid lard in terms of calorie content!

Someone suggested using fruit juice with cereal, but that sounds pretty disgusting. I've been mostly eating porridge and toast for breakfast recently, and occasionally some muesli with natural yogurt. I miss my soymilk though. I wonder if I should just have it anyway... ;)

Strange Blue Ghost

I have to point out that soy is a significant foodstuff for Chinese and Japanese people, and they have a lower rate of cancer and heart disease than Western societies, and live longer.


That's what I thought too, BlueGhost, until I read the original article quoted and linked to (which was published in The Guardian). According to the article, the problem seems to be that the soy that is consumed in those countries is not in the same form, as it appears in Western countries. In the East, it is mostly made into Tofu, various fermented products and curds; not into the kinds of things we are told "are good for us" here in the West. I strongly recommend you read the article - and then read the rebuttal if you have time. There seems to be something going on there, but it's hard to tell what. I do know that I'll never view soy quite the same way anymore.

Finally, using inductive reasoning without any actual evidence (suggesting that one event causes the other without the presence of evidence) is a flawed method of drawing conclusions. People in China and Japan may indeed have fewer instances of cancer, but I don't believe there is any evidence showing that this is due to soy.


i know i am a little late here, but after reading this post, i just had to comment. i tried using soy milk for it's health benefits and because i love the taste. being at a pre-menopausal age, i thought it might be a healthier alternative for me. turns out, it made my mild, infrequent hot flashes worse, (in intensity and frequency) and upset my "cycle". i thought it was just coincidence, although it was all brought on all of a sudden. after all was back to normal i decided to experiment and try soy milk again. after 4 days all the symptoms came back and everything was was out of whack all over again. i have tried organic cow's milk and have had similar results. i am just back to using plain old cow's milk for the time being.

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