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01 July 2006


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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Cadbury's is vile. I feel like saying I told you so. So I will.:



Nothing like a good old fashioned sweep under the rug. Thanks for the info.


Hope you never have to come into contact with the nasty stuff, battlerocker!

Broken Messenger


There is such a thing as bad chocolate? I know, I know. I had a co-worker bring me some Neuhaus from Belgium and it took me several weeks before I'd go near a Hershey bar....of course, being the adict I am, I did. Hope you are well, looks like the site is coming along.



Dear Brad, long time no see! Hope things are going well with you. And yes, there really is such a thing as bad chocolate. In fact, the European Union tried to stop the kind of product that cadbury's calls "milk chocolate" being allowed to be legally called chocolate due to its low cocoa and high vegetable fat content!


this might be why i like vanilla. actually, i don't know if this is why or not, but i'm just sayin' i'm not sure i've ever eaten cadbury's anything. and i'm glad. whew! heh


Vanilla? Huh? Well, that was random. :D


well, maybe it was random, or maybe it was stealth like a ninja. i could have said, "i'm not a big fan of chocolate." that line, and "i like vanilla" are interchangeable you know? there's a method to my madness. :P


But... but.. I like chocolate AND vanilla? I don't find them interchangeable at all! Or maybe I'm just greedy... hmmm ;)


Wow I hadn't heard about that. So gross.


And you tell me that NOW? Right after I've consumed an entire box of Cadbury's Roses?

Bugger. Guess I'm in for a fabulous week.

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