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13 June 2006



Bloody lovely stuff. I am so impressed. :)


Oo, I hope you're not being sarcastic (paranoid about my cartoon much, moi?). Heh. Thank you, Stik, that is very high praise. I was going for "say a lot with very little" and hoping people would find them amusing. Thanks again, XXX


inky rocks my face off. seriously. i love cartoons, but if you have to read a book to get the idea of it, then it's not for me. inky gets me. um, i mean... i get inky. heh.


I'm so happy Inky gets you. And the other thing. Yeah. ;)

Va Va Voom

Ooh, I like Inky!

And I like this blog! I'm glad I stumbled on to this.


Thanks for welcoming me aboard, Pia. It's great to be a tenant on such a lovely blog.

I went to your portfolio, Pia. I've seen the pictures of you before--and really like them--but this is the first I've seen your art.

It's amazing. While I found Obliged a little disturbing all the others I liked a lot and Something is Coming is so powerful it made the hairs on my arms stand up. Like they say, it rocks my world.


I am delighted you took the time to look through my portfolio! Thank you.

And it's my pleasure having you as a tenant. You seem very charming indeed ;)

About "Something is coming" - it was a very personal piece that I created during a time of conflict, pressure, bad things, but also of hope and drive to face forward. And the spooky thing? Something WAS on its way, it's here now, I found it. I was right and it makes the artwork have a strong resonance for me. Interestingly, I've never assumed that it would necessarily communicate much to others, so I am pleasantly surprised to find that it spoke to you in some way!


I like Inky...I think you should grab more of that from your brain and jump in with both feet. :) Thanks for sharing.


Thank you, Cat! You're not the first person who said that... hmmmmmmmm.


inky reminds me of stitch :)


And I'm happy to say that he was originally created before "Stitch" ;)

So therefore Stitch looks a bit like Inky! :p


I browsed your portfolio earlier and love it all. I am trying to revisit some of my creative juices myself, but they have all evaporated in this heat. Oh, BTW, Inky FTW!!! ;-)


Thank you, Natalie! And it's lovely to "see" you again! :) All my TIME has evaporated recently, but into a good place (the new job is hoovering it all up). At some point I hope to find balance to do more artwork and other things like go to Smart club meets... *siiiiiiiiigh*

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