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21 May 2006



no wonder i'm scared of peanut butter.

how do you know dragons are every where? how do you know it's not the peanut butter that is everywhere?


Now that IS a scary thought. 0_0

J's Girlfriend

That makes me want to
a) take up drawing again
b) have a peanut butter sandwich or a satay skewer of chicken

How bizarre. But nice dragon!

Strange Blue Ghost

Rather an acid trip type post, and you rarely even drink, as I remember! Coming next: the mashed potato troll; the poisonous pesto-dwelling frog; and steak and fearie pie!


Those are some excellent ideas there, BlueGhost! ;)

I don't need drink or drugs; I seem to be permanently "tripping" ;)

Goodness knows what kind of potion vat I was dropped into as a baby...


That's just too fuckin cool. Would make a nice tattoo, too.

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