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21 May 2006


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no wonder i'm scared of peanut butter.

how do you know dragons are every where? how do you know it's not the peanut butter that is everywhere?


Now that IS a scary thought. 0_0

J's Girlfriend

That makes me want to
a) take up drawing again
b) have a peanut butter sandwich or a satay skewer of chicken

How bizarre. But nice dragon!

Strange Blue Ghost

Rather an acid trip type post, and you rarely even drink, as I remember! Coming next: the mashed potato troll; the poisonous pesto-dwelling frog; and steak and fearie pie!


Those are some excellent ideas there, BlueGhost! ;)

I don't need drink or drugs; I seem to be permanently "tripping" ;)

Goodness knows what kind of potion vat I was dropped into as a baby...


That's just too fuckin cool. Would make a nice tattoo, too.

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