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30 May 2006



Whenever I hear the word Cornetto, I think of Shaun of The Dead. Is it just me or does anyone else do that?

I loved that movie. :)


I have to confess that I didn't watch that film! Maybe I have an important gap in my knowledge... :D

Johnny Wadd

Never underestimate the voting draw of a gorgeous red head. I guess i gotta buy the ice cream now!


Well, you know how to flatter and smooth-talk in one, fluent move! Thank you. ;)

Extra points for working ice-cream in there...

But, seriously: I am under no illusions, that was down to one vote. :D


Haha, you know that persistent rumour about Cadbury - that under the EU rules, what they call chocolate isn't in fact chocolate at all, it's cocoa content is too low! :-D


Sh*t. I absolutely HATE it when people mix "its" and "it's", and now I managed to do it myself... Sorry folks for bad English. :-(


I'll forgive you, Kaijankaima.... (this once). ;)

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