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01 April 2006


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I much prefer Bath and Body Works myself....as well as other higher end stores like these (when I can afford them)


I haven't been a big Body Shop customer for some time now. I first migrated to Cosmetics To Go - a Mark Constantine project, and then followed him to Lush.
The sale of TBS to L'Oreal certainly jarred though, and I am even less likely to go in now, although I couldn't claim to be enough of a customer anyway for my "boycott" to do much.
I did agree with Anita Roddick on Radio 4 recently when she said that the mistake was to take the company public in the first place, at which point the shareholders could be anybody, with any sort of dubious ethical positions/connections. However, to the average shopper this was a lot less of a visible change than the sale to L'Oreal - I suspect most people thought Anita was still in charge at that stage.
From my point of view, I agree with your characterisation of this company as a "zombie". It lost whatever ethical high ground it possessed some time ago and there are plenty of competitors out there now - from Lush, to the stall on my local Farmer's Market - doing the original Body Shop-type thing, only better.

kim aka lw

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Great post, very interesting background on the body shop.


Thanks for the comments, guys! And it's nice to see you pop in, Mic. :)

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