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24 February 2006



I understand being able to respond the right way in a relationship. Often, we forget this somtimes and I hope to learn more from it! Like the look of your blog, very unique!

Crazy Like A Fox

I tried to read that book about 8 years ago and found that I just had to skim over all the philosophical junk. I had just been hired into a managerial position and thought it would be helpful to read it. Pfft!

I thought I was the only one noticed the response-ability thing.


Madam Foxy - thanks for sharing that; sometimes it's good to know that others spot the same things we do... what I can't bring my head 'round to understand though is, how this book has been printed, re-printed, recommended, elevated - all the time containing these, ehm, "mistakes". In a way, I am now looking forward to reading the entire text because I can't wait to see what else I find! :D


Well I think I will cross that one off my reading list...at least until I hear more of your thoughts on it. My reading stack is so high I don't want to spend time reading things with a high irritability factor!


Michelle, I'll be sure to write up my final thoughts on the book once I've finished it. And I hear you about the reading list - I've got several piles of books that are in the "to be read" stage... I've deliberately not worked out how long it would take for me to read all of them at my current rate of reading (everything seems to pile in and take over from reading sometimes). It's scary, let's put it that way! :o

Crazy Like A Fox

I think that a lot of the success of this book is the fact that it is packaged along with most of the Franklin Covey organizers. The company that I worked for gave these planners out to all their managers (this was before the popularity of PDA's). We in turn would read the accompanying book in an effort to become more organized and efficient.

While I found the planners to be very useful, the book was garbage in my opinion.


To criticize this book is one thing.

You can call it a self help book, but is it really that crappy that other people live by it , and also use covey's planner.

I feel that this critic concensus lives in small numbers.

It's a good book, i am really interested how you people help other people help themselves ?

Seek too understand first, than to be understood.




Hi, Davin, thanks for dropping by! I'm really sorry, I don't quite understand your comment. Who are the "you people" you refer to? Anyway, if you see this, please do clarify! I always enjoy chatting with visitors here.

By the way, I do want to point out that I'm a little bit tongue-in-cheek with my critique of this title in the above post. Just in case it didn't show. ;)

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