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27 January 2006


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Ooh ta,
Ooh ta be,
Ooh ta be a,


I take it, you are? A gooner, that is. ;)


You take it right! And maddening full of confidence that Arsenal will yet do something more spectacular this season than finishing above Spurs.


Well, David, thanks to you, I've now had the Gooner-chant in my head for a day. Could be worse. Like the Sheila's Wheels jingle.

Will you watch the game today? And what is one supposed to say in these circumstances - good luck, Arses? Or is that, in fact, bad luck?


You could weep, couldn't you? Bolton... Bloody Bolton, a bogey-team.

How many times have you watched Arsenal and prayed they'd turn it all around in the last minute. There was a time when they did, I swear it!


PS You say, Come On The Arse!

Or Up The Arse! If you're feeling ribald.


I just don't understand how the "best team" can be so bloody erratic! Arghhhhh. (That arghhh was 1. For the frustration that my above statement creates and 2. For the realisation that such statements are popping into my head, and, that I am, in fact, getting frustrated over... football. Oh shit! This is a slippery slope).

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