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24 September 2005



Wow CONGRATS! That was an amazing article. I loved learning more about synaesthesia and I WILL be adding a Ozric album to my collection at my next pay check. I liked what I heard a lot. Here's to many more writing gigs.

FuzzBuck Fuzz

Yup! Great news !!! I've finally caught up on my sleep & will be checking it out when I've gotten through all the things that have been building up on my "to do" list. Speaking of which, check out:

The gif's at:

and alternatives:


Hope you like. If you need it in any other format or want to change or alter anything - let me know :D


Upon reading your blog today, I have visited the blogcritics site.

I look forward to reading your next critique of blogcritic.org... ;)


As a newbie to Ozrics which album would you suggest I try out first?

S. L. Cunningham


Thanks for reading my recent post to BC and for commenting. This is my first visit to your blog, and from I see and read, I'll be sure to stop by quite often. I enjoyed reading, "Why I think I'm A Nose."
You handle the personal narrative well.


Scot - great to see you here and thank you! I popped over to your blog from your article and added it to my list of feeds at Bloglines earlier today. I enjoy your writing. :)

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