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31 August 2005



Brilliant - Thank you! I'm going to practice my pronounciation in readiness for my next Viking re-enactment event :)


Nuka teach people to swear in finnish :totally


Saantana? Funny how now we go to Lapland to see Santa. Do you think the 2 are connected? He must be, the bastard never brought me what I wanted ;)


I doubt it, Nige, just a fortunate coincidence. :D Santa is called "Joulupukki" in Finnish, which translates to "Christmas Goat". Another pagan tradition.


My wife is a Finn, and boy, is SHE gonna be surprised by the new words I just learned! She would never tell me what it meant when she would drop something, and then scream "Perkele!!"


Steve, I laughed out loud at your comment just now! Yes, she may be just a little surprised... ;) (By the way: I do the "Perrrkele thing" too. It's instinctive, I think!)

Matti Perkele

Hei, I riili laikit juu sait. My father told me early on that "Sisu" was the ability to eat a spoonfull of shit and smile and say you liked it. There is a joke from the winter war about Heikki and Eino being confronted by a wall of Soviet troops where they only have 2 bullets left and Eino looks puzzled at Heikki and asks-"What are we gonna do with all the bodies?" This is Paavo Nurmi stuff at it's best and I never regret my Ostrobothnian background for one second as that attitude has worked well for me on many occasions, sober or not!-Matti


Great post! :)


Simply brilliant!
Very useful words for bringing more power when I'm re-enacting. ^^

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